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Raccafit, a new generation of fitness.

Standard and suitable exercises for one’s condition along with a proper diet, can play a significant role in one’s fitness, prevention and treatment of many diseases. We have tried our best to gather nutritionists and coaches, so that they will provide our users with exclusive dietary and training program according to the standards. With the help of the science of the day and experience of our experts, our customers will be given their programs with a full consideration of physical abilities or disabilities and athletic background. Plus, you don’t have to worry about availability of equipment and ingredients or where to exercise, since dietary and training programs can be provided with all places and materials that you have access to. For that matter, our experts use the analytical data driven from Raccafit’s software to make the programs more efficient and personalized.

What is more is that, your coach and support team are always ready to answer your questions. Not to mention that you can contact them directly.

Where does Raccafit’s story begin from?

Uses of websites and applications for fitness purposes has been dramatically increasing, especially after the pandemic. A huge problem that most of these applications or websites have in common, is that they cannot provide personalized programs for each person. That’s why a pre-prepared program is generated all the time. In addition, in most cases, working out with plates and dumbbells is neglected. Moreover, none of these applications or websites offer a dietary program based on what your body requires. All of these lead to a decrease in efficiency and sometimes failure. On the other hand, dietary or training programs offered by private coaches are too expensive for most of the people. The matter of whether the program is well-designed for the customer or not is another reason why people tend to visit these experts less.

Why are Raccafit’s services cheap?

We would rather choose to call it economical and budget-saver rather than cheap. Raccafit has been established with the main duty of a healthy and fit society as a small part of the very same society. That’s why we’ve tried to get the lowest profit possible. It should be mentioned that this would be impossible without the cooperation of our dear coaches and nutritionists. Raccafit’s services are offered in a way that out clients would be able to use the best and the most exclusive dietary and training program without worrying about its monetary issues.